Anthony Radice music & entertainment - Bands & DJ's


The great thing about 2TIGHT is that it can be anything YOU want it to be!

A power duo or acoustic duo....for clubs, coffee house, wedding, parties etc..
We can add a drummer, sax, female vocals, steel name it, we can do it!

With 20 plus years behind us, Dom & Anthony have built an enormous repertoire
of songs for listening, dancing or singing along.
Tell us your budget and your event will be customized to your desire
along with a built in DJ !

Motown, Beatles & Stones, Reggae, Disco & Funk, 80's & more...

Like the lighter side of music?

How about Sinatra, Buble, Buffett, Billy Joel, James Taylor
Crosby-Stills & Nash, Dave Mason, Eagles.

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