Anthony Radice music & entertainment - Bands & DJ's
I was very blessed to come into this world with some talent.....2 good ears and a
nice voice.  I  found this out very early in life, singing to the songs on the radio
and harmonizing at the age of about 5 years old.
Like many of us, February 9th 1964 changed my life forever...we owe The Beatles
alot, they helped direct my musical path and filled me with a passion that will never fade.
My first "professional" band was at the  age of 20...Working 5 nights a week in the soft rock trio "Partners" . It was with Partners that I developed my writing skills....something I started to do at the age of 15.  Had many bites from the recording industry back then but after 6 years, decided it was time to move on
 and head my own projects. I don't believe I've had many weekends off since those early days.
Solo acts, duos and pick-up gigs followed until "Little Criminals' in 1982
(all CLASSIC ROCK all the time) and then Street Life in 1988 when I finally realized that my audience just wanted to dance.
Around 1992 is when I started my Disc Jockey career.....I realized that my band wasn't going to cover the hip-hop material that was dominating the charts and the only way I could satisfy my client's request for these tunes was to give them exactly what they wanted.  I was already a strong MC and soon realized the potential in being a DJ/MC at weddings and parties when Street Life wasn't booked.
The past eight years or so have brought me back to songs and styles that I feel are more "me".....The Breakers, Java Gypsies and Beatlesque are extensions of my musical roots and fulfill a need to express myself as a vocalist and entertainer.
For those of you who know me and have followed me through the years,
Thank you for being out're the reason I keep singing!
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