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Whether the event or venue calls for a strolling magician (walk-around magic), a brief "special appearance" or for a more traditional magic show, Steve Dane guarantees a lasting and positive experience. Steve has a strong background in Comedy & The Dramatic Arts. His unique & witty style is upbeat, down to earth and appropriate for all ages. He enjoys performing with coins, paper currency, everyday objects and playing cards. The effects & routines range from the more "traditional" to the slightly "off-beat"… All of the presentations are interactive; they are sure to surprise, delight, amaze & entertain with Steve's signature sense of humor. The varied material involves transposing objects, color changes, torn and restored visuals, levitation, penetrations and other fascinating themes.

Steve also performs a number of "mind reading" routines which include predictions, thought transference, and other brain-wave stunts. Whenever possible, presentations can be customized to suit the occasion or the client's particular needs."


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