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Today's DJ/MC is an essential part of event planning, whether it is a wedding, big budget corporate affair or backyard shindig.....someone is always "spinning".

I dj alot...a real lot.....even when I'm performing with one of my bands, I feel the need to continually "entertain", so I go into dj mode. It's essential because there is always a wide range of people to play to at an I'm always prepared!

I perform as a DJ at all types of events.....sweet 16's, communions, anniversaries, birthday parties of all ages (40th being the most popular) and of course weddings and mitzvahs.

And I've DJ'd for some very well known people such as Donald Trump, Frank & Kathy Lee Gifford,

Hillary Clinton, Victor Borge, Meredith Viera, Stone Phillips. I've DJ'd two Stanley Cup parties and performed many times for judge Jeanine Pirro

I get alot of calls for DJ work and Karaoke because I'm always pleasing my clients, playing the songs they've requested, making the proper announcements,inserting the right amount of energy and interaction to keep the dancefloor rockin'

& making sure it's never too overbearing for my client and their guests.

Equipment plays a big part too, I alway's have all of my equipment with me so I

bring the right sized system to match the room I'm performing in...never have enough "stuff" with me...every piece is backed up....and I use the latest technology ....laptops & CD's, LED lighting, Shure cordless mic's etc....

KARAOKE is always a kick....I have thousands of songs on my hard drive so you never have to worry 'bout me not having enough songs for your party....from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars...I always stay on top of what's Hot and popular!

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