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Best Bands....Awesome DJ's....Great Service

Music is all around us....every day, new sounds from new genres pop up and make us dance and feel good....this has been going on for generations....from the Big Band era to Elvis and The Beatles...Motown, Disco, Classic Rock to Hip Hop.

We Love It ALL!!

....And to please a discerning public, you have to have it all.

My name is Anthony Radice, and I've been performing at privte events

since 1984 as a bandleader and as a dj and let me tell you, my job wasn't just to play was to please my audience...making sure the dance floor was ROCKIN"......keeping as many people as possible engaged with my music from every generation!

YOUR EVENT.......whether a Wedding, Party, Corporate or Backyard BBQ , should have that same attention to detail.

I CAN do that for you.....with any of my great LIVE acts, or as a DJ/MC, I can bring a successful event to you and your family and that will leave a smile on your face after everyone compliments you saying THANKS for a great time!

Take the time to browse my website.....and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding your event and my MUSIC.

You'll be glad you did...

See You On The Dance Floor!

Anthony Radice

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